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Amputee Related Websites

360 Orthotics & Prosthetics

Above Knee Amputation Manual

Above Knee (self-help)

Amputee and Disability Resource Directory for Canadian Amputees

Amputee In Action Organization

Amputee Peer Support (USA)

Amputee Manual (Above Knee and Below Knee)

Crutches and Cane Links

Diabetes Information

Heather Mills Amputee Forum

Hip Disarticulation & Hemipelvectomy

Hip Disarticulation Article

International Child Amputee Network

Josh Sundquist, Motivational Speaker, Olympian

Maltron Keyboards (adapted computer keyboards)

Online Community for Amputees: Less Than Four Organization

Sheila Gabel, Registered Counsellor

History of Amputation and Prosthetics (Northwestern University)

Upper Extremity

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Phantom Limb Pain and Discomfort

Many people with amputations experience varying degrees of discomfort in their residual limb(s). Persons with circulatory disease or other types of injuries can experience significant pain before surgery, which may or may not be entirely resolved after limb amputation. Phantom limb sensation and pain are also very common, even among children. At Custom Prosthetic Services Ltd. we work closely with our clients and health care professionals to identify and treat the cause(s) of any limb discomfort or pain. For further and more detailed information on this important subject, see:

Canadian RSD Network

Erb's Palsy

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association

Correlation of Pain & Sleep Disorders

Helping Phantom Limb Pain

Helping Phantom Limb Pain (War Amps)

Electromyography and Phantom Limb Pain

Farabloc Pain-Reducing Fabric

The Ertl Bone Bridge Surgical Procedure

Bony Overgrowth in Children (War Amputations of Canada / CHAMPS Program) (PDF)

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Sports Related Websites

A Look at a Trans Tibial Amputee and Athlete, Meyrick Jones (In 13 parts)

Adaptive Snowboarding (USA)

Alberta Amputee Sports and Recreation Association

BTK High Activity Knee

B.C. Disabled Sailing

Canadian Amputee Sports Association

Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association

Cybathlon 2016

Adaptive Snowboarding and Other Winter Sports

Mountain Bike Amputee

National Sports Centre for the Disabled

Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports

Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp

Paralympic Association

Rick Hansen Institute

Sitski and Extreme Adaptive Sports

Terry Fox Run Website

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Commercial Websites

Toughware PRX Upper Extremity for the World

Alternative Prosthetic Services (for cosmetic coverings)

Activsleeve New Generation

The Alternative Limb Project (for cosmetic coverings)

Alleles Design Studio (for cosmetic coverings - Canada)

Activsleeve New Generation

ALPS South Corporation

College Park

Dorset Orthopedic (Silicone Technology)

Endolite North America

Euro International

Farabloc Pain Reducing Fabric


Kingsley Manufacturing

Knit Rite

Liberating Technologies Inc.

Living Skin

Motion Control

Ohio Willow Wood

Ortho Europe


Otto Bock

Rampro Activankle

Royal Knit Stump Socks

RSL Steeper


Spring Lite

Texas Assistive Devices

Therapeutic Recreation Systems

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Prosthetics and Orthotics Online Community Websites

ISPO Canada

Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics

Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

National Commission on P&O Education

O & P Online

Prosthetics and Orthotics in Canada

Prosthetic Components

National Amputee Centre

The War Amputations of Canada (and CHAMPS program)

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